Developers Update 12/21
6 December, 2021

We are pleased to confirm:

  • Resource consent was issued in October and we have engineering approval consent for Stage 1, and engineering consent well progressed for Stage 2 (due any day).
  • We have broken ground on Stage 1, developing the ODP Road and Lots 1-3, 31-41. Civil works will be finished by mid to late February 2022, and title will be applied for upon their completion. We expect title for these Lots to be issued sometime around end of second quarter 2022. Stage 1 purchasers should note our comments below about settling early, if they wish to explore this option.
  • We will commence the development of Stage 2 (being the balance of all lots) on or around January 17 2022, on-time, and anticipate the works will be completed by the end of May 2022.
  • The bulk of finishing work, landscaping and fencing will occur over May/June 2022
  • We expect public services to connect in July 2022. (The public sewer extension from Rolleston to Darfield) is currently 39% complete by council, which is excellent progress.
  • We expect titles to issue on or around August/September 2022

This programme essentially means we are exactly on track and we look forward to passing title to purchasers sometime during the 3rd quarter, 2022. If anything changes we will let you know with posts on this website.

Opportunity to settle early for Stage 1 purchasers

We may be in a position to pass titles earlier, to those Stage 1 purchasers (lots 1, 31-41) wanting to start construction early. This may require the purchaser to agree to a consent notice on the title, restricting residential habitation until the public services connect (due July 2022). This may suit commercial developers and those wishing to get ahead in their construction programmes, but purchasers will need to check the suitability of a consent notice (temporary as it may be) with their bankers, as it may affect your bank view of the title, until we lift the consent notice. If you are interested in this option, please email your lawyers to get in touch with our lawyers, or talk to your agent at Bayleys. This is Stage 1 purchasers only, through the same opportunity may arise for Stage 2 in July, if services are not connected yet and running late from Selwyn District Council (SDC). We note however that SDC appear to be on time with these services, so we expect no delay for services coming online as scheduled.


Of course this is all indicative, and subject to supply or development delays that can occur. But at this stage, we are right on track and we see no issues with the above timelines.

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